Let’s Get Physical: How Exercise Positively Effects Your Well-Being

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You’re only one workout a day from a good mood. – Unknown

We all know that regular exercise is good for our physical health. But did you know that it can seriously impact your mood, improve your sleep and sex life, and  help you regulate emotions when dealing with stress and anxiety?

The connection between fitness and overall wellness is something that affects everyone. No matter your age, ability, or fitness level – exercising regularly can become a powerful tool to help you manage mental health problems and improve your sense of self as well as your outlook on life.

The benefits of maintaining a consistent fitness routine are extraordinary. People who exercise daily, in some capacity, tend to have an overall better sense of well-being. I’m not talking about going to the gym every morning for 1 hour.

If that’s not your thing there are so many other options available to you. Even going for a daily walk or practicing yoga consistently before bed will help you experience these amazing benefits. Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

Exercise is a natural mood lifter.

When you exercise, your brain releases feel-good chemicals throughout your body called endorphins. When this happens, you naturally feel happier and more relaxed. Years ago, I would run specifically for the calm feeling that would come over me after I was done. Sometimes I’d feel as if I was walking on a cloud the entire day.

Whatever exercise you choose doesn’t need to be overly strenuous or time consuming. Even exercising for 30 minutes, 3-5 times per week, can drastically improve your mood. 

Personally, I cycle through Lilly Sabri’s workouts on YouTube along with Yoga With Adriene, and Moving Mango. The workout I pick for the day often depends on how I’m feeling that morning, or whether or not I’m pressed for time.

It helps you sleep better.

Studies from John Hopkins Center for Sleep say that exercising regularly helps you fall asleep more quickly and improves your quality of sleep. While exercising does increase your core body temperature, after about 30 to 90 minutes your core body temperature will start to fall, ultimately facilitating sleepiness. 

I prefer to exercise in the morning, but I fall asleep pretty easily every night. There are days when I feel like I need to take a nap before I can complete all of my tasks, but to be honest I felt this way even when I didn’t exercise as often.

It can help with anxiety and depression.

Image by Dusan Jovic via Unsplash

Exercising regularly can be a great method used alone or paired with other treatments for anxiety and depression. Studies show that physical activity has a myriad of benefits for your mental health. It relieves tension, stress, and anxiety through the release of endorphins. 

Fitness promotes a series of beneficial changes in the brain, including reduced inflammation, new activity patterns that promote feelings of well-being, and neural growth. 

It’s important to consult your healthcare provider, if possible, to see which treatments are best for you! 

Exercise can have a positive impact on your self-esteem.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “when you look good, you feel good?” I truly think this phrase works both ways. This isn’t solely about looking good physically. When you exercise, and you release all of those feel-good endorphins, your mood begins to improve – you’ll become radiant with a glow that comes from the inside. 

When you feel good, you look good and vice versa. 

Fitness is inherently connected to your overall well-being. Having a regular fitness plan is an investment into your mind, body, and soul. Taking care of your body can increase your sense of self-worth, make you feel empowered, and give you a sense of achievement. 

Starting a fitness routine can seem daunting.

But you don’t have to make it complicated. Take it slow by structuring in 15-30 minutes a day to do whatever feels good. Go for a walk, check out a yoga class online, or maybe go to a workout class at a gym nearby. 

You can do it. Take it one step at a time.

A few people to check out to help you get started:

What are your favorite ways to workout? Let me know down below.

As always, be good to yourselves. 

Much Love,


Featured Image by Rawan Yasser via Unsplash

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