The Power Of Positive: Gratitude

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I get it, some days are ridiculously frustrating, completely messed up, and you’re left feeling like there’s nothing you can do to make it better. You might’ve absentmindedly, or accidentally stirred your tea the wrong way and walla! – the whole day ends up feeling like crap.

What? Was that not how you expected this to begin?

Searching for my usual words of positivity and inspiration? 

Then clearly you already have the right mindset. You came here looking for positivity, so you’re well on your way to getting yourself back on track. Don’t beat yourself up because we all have our off days.

Give yourself the time you deserve. Today we’re going to acknowledge a powerful tool that I always reach for when the days are a little cloudy. That tool is called gratitude.

It’s important to remember that this doesn’t make the bad days completely disappear. You aren’t going to think of three things you appreciate and suddenly your boiler won’t be acting up anymore. Sharing gratitude isn’t about changing your circumstances, it’s about changing your outlook and your life by focusing on how you feel AND turning inward.

On the days where it feels like nothing is going right… where every turn just brings up another problem… it’s easy to get lost. And the more lost you get, the less you accomplish, and the more lost you feel. It’s a vicious cycle to get stuck in. But there is a way to break out of it.

Here’s How To Get Started

Try and find one thing that you’re grateful for. It could be your cat coming to sit on your lap, or the fact that you have a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe it’s a sunny day out, and you’re finally able to open the window to let in some fresh air.

In my case, I love when its warm enough for me to sit outside and breathe in some fresh air. It can be absolutely anything that you consider a positive in your life, no matter how small it is.

Find it and focus on it. You know the quote “what you focus on grows?” – let this focus be the new direction that you guide your day towards. Suddenly, there’s at least one good thing floating around in the midst of your low vibrational spiral.

From here, you can find a second good thing – a nice meal for lunch, putting on clean, fresh smelling clothing, or stepping outside to just watch the world for a few moments.

As you start to find these small things in life to be grateful for, you’ll find that it’s easier to pull yourself out of those sad, depressive spirals. That’s the power of positivity.

You don’t need for every day to be a stellar, perfect win to be happy. But when you pay more attention to the small, everyday joys around you… when you’re able to find the smaller things in life to be grateful for… it can change your entire outlook for the better.

Here’s a little something that I want you to try. Its only 3 minutes tops, I promise:

A Gratitude Meditation

Looking for a way to get started? This simple practice has the power to advance the nature of being grateful. Meditation helps a person train their mind for receiving great positivity, and provides a way of learning how to let go of things that don’t serve a purpose.

·    Set a timer for 2-3 minutes. Then, get into a comfortable position with your eyes closed. 

·    Take 2-3 deep, slow breaths. Relax.

·    Think about one thing that you are grateful for and build further on that thing.

·    Expend the story and feel it. 

·    Intensify the feeling and make it more effective by visualizing it.

·    If you can, give yourself time to really get into it. This will allow you to have a longer-lasting positive effect in order to continue experiencing good feelings throughout the rest of your day.

Now, this may not always be easy! Especially not in today’s society, with so many upsetting things going on around us. But improving our lives isn’t an instant thing / we learn, we grow, we implement and repeat – keeping our end goals in mind.

That’s why we start small, though. And with enough focus and practice, having gratitude for the little things will greatly improve your everyday life.

After all, even if you’ve stirred the tea the wrong way… at least you have tea to begin with! Maybe even your favorite mug? See, that’s what I mean by starting small. 

When you’re able to find a little bit of joy even in the middle of the darkest, most disastrous days, your life will end up being so much more fulfilling, and so much easier to get through. So think about something good. Be grateful.

Over all else, be good to you.



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