Eye Of The Storm: Expressing Emotion

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Definition: the calm region at the center of a storm, or hurricane.

Separately, we’ve all experienced miniature blips in existence. Moments that push us five steps backwards after we’ve just taken three forward. Sudden. Moments that hurt, that induce anxiety and fear, testing for strength, determination, and fight / or flight. Resistance.

Moments that push hard, knowing how to test our limits, and hoping to lead us towards awakened streams of new desires. Revival. Moments that grin proudly from our bodies years later as we recount to those around us how we overcame and survived the storm. 

Over the past month or so ‘the moment’ / our moment / our storm has spiraled its way into all of our lives simultaneously. Blowing in and uprooting lives. Sweeping through businesses. Challenging health and canceling what we considered the norm. Inducing suspense over triggered tears.

For those of us who can….we shelter in our homes praying for loved ones and everyone. Watching, waiting, and working inside. For those of us who have to…we enter places of work armed and ready. Masks? Check. Gloves? Check. Mental, emotional, and physical strength? Unsure, but we check those boxes too.

Together, we press on. Showing higher heights of gratitude and love for simple things we once took for granted. The hug from a loved one. Expressing newly found importance of what we once considered invaluable. We’re restless. Tired. Frustrated. Annoyed. Confused. Angry.

We push and support. Diving within our hearts to hold space for those who don’t have the strength. Finding lights of joy, as long as we can. Laughing hysterically at the silliness of comments made by friends during Netflix Parties. We miss them, deeply.

Talking all night about nothing and anything. Picking up long thought about hobbies. Refocus. Cleaning and clearing. Letting go of what no longer serves you. Praying. Helping whenever and wherever we can. Picnics in the backyard. Seeing neighbors walk down the street that you didn’t even know existed, but welcoming the waves and the smiles – human connection / 6 feet away.

Families bike riding and little ones chasing puppies. Impromptu dance parties….with yourself probably, but it’s all good. Tuned into the brightsides. Recalibrate.

Still, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of stillness / of inhales / and exhales / BREATHE, please. However you can, find calm. Within yourself first, then watch the waves you make towards those around you as they too move towards calm. Don’t forget..joy is also contagious. We’ll get there. Rebalance. Refresh.

The sun always shines after the storm.

Through all of this, please be good to yourself.


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