2019: My Year-End Soundtrack

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Driving smoothly on a warm summer evening, taking a backroad. The sun has finally made its way beyond the horizon and baby pink streaks of ombre light line the darkening skies – tranquility. Street lights pass by in a whiff, lighting the way and highlighting your face. It’s getting cool outside and there’s a slight breeze making its way through the rolled down windows. Inhale / exhale – peace. There’s a rhythmic thump making its way through the speakers. Music that calms nerves and stills the mind, taking you to another place and time. Lyrics soothe the soul, carrying you home – breathe. Everything feels good. You are exactly where you need to be.


Sitting in bed, headphones on – fresh from the shower. Relaxed. Moonlight and streetlights streaming in peacefully through the glass. The slightly open windows usher in the night breeze; your curtains float softly as the air hits your arm. Between songs you can hear the crickets chirping away – doing their thing. Peace. Your lavender candle dances away in the corner, filling the room with its soft scent, lulling you to sleep. Calm. The salt lamp glowing gently in your peripheral catches your attention – illuminating the peace lillies, covering the walls with a warm glow. Neon lights glow above your head, showering you in a soft, pink glow. You close your eyes and smile, goosebumps making their presence known; you’re grateful for this peace.

For me, music represents memories, movies, moments, and life. Personally, music has at times, taken on the roll of my therapist or my best-friend. My peace and my joy, my exercise, my journal. A representation of my journey. As a way of honoring its importance in my life I’m listing 44 of my most listened to songs of 2019 – in no particular order.


FYI: More than 50% of these songs are not from 2019

  1. Velvet Rope – Janet Jackson
  2. Binz – Solange
  3. Tell Me – Groove Theory
  4. Koi – Gyvus
  5. Rock The Boat – Aaliyah
  6. Yeah, I Said It – Rihanna
  7. Smile More – Syd
  8. I Belong To You – Whitney Houston
  9. Crush On You – Lil’ Kim
  10. Best Part – Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R.
  11. Can We? – SWV (ft. Missy Elliot)
  12. Blue Tint – Drake
  13. Too Deep – dvsn
  14. Girl – The Internet, Kaytranada
  15. Oops (Oh My) – Tweet (ft. Missy Elliot)
  16. Havana – Kenny G
  17. Triggered (freestyle) – Jhené Aiko
  18. Don’t – Bryson Tiller
  19. This Is How It Works – TLC
  20. How Do You Want It – 2Pac
  21. Boss – The Carters (Beyoncé)
  22. You’re Makin’ Me High – Toni Braxton
  23. Steelo – 702
  24. F N Sexy – JAHKOY
  25. Sending My Love – Zhané
  26. Frontline – Kelela
  27. Sakura II – Elijah Nang
  28. Boo’d Up – Ella Mai
  29. Smooth Operator – Sade
  30. East Coast Hiding – Dounia
  31. Lala – Lucy Pearl
  32. Girls Need Love – Summer Walker
  33. Feel It Boy – Janet Jackson & Beenie Man (I played tf out of this one this summer)
  34. Before I Do – Sevyn Streeter
  35. BMO – Ari Lennox
  36. Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) – Maxwell
  37. Lucky – Tommy Genesis
  38. U Know What’s Up – Donell Jones ft. Left Eye
  39. About Us – JOY
  40. Around The Way Girl – LL Cool J
  41. Love Galore – SZA (skrt skort on beaches)
  42. Optimistic – Sounds Of Blackness
  43. Maria Maria – Santana
  44. Rather Be With You – Sinead Harnett

+ Khelani, Maségo, Snoh Aalegra, Meg Thee Stallion, Frank Ocean, etc.

There’s a lot more that I either didn’t have enough space to add or I didn’t remember, BUT I want to hear what you’ve been listening to! Message me at @ishafloyd on insta/twitter. Put me on.

Wishing you the best, all 2020. Happy New Year 😉



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  1. Cesar Bosquet says

    Hi isha!
    I totally agree with you! I think that every song has a especial moment…is the perfect therapist, but I would add that in addition your mind can go on a trip in a matter of seconds….remembering a special moment of your live. Sometimes you can go on a trip for free simply listening to the music that allows you to remember that moment and fly as high as you did when you were there

    Liked by 1 person

    • isha says

      Exactly! I think that is one of my favorite things about music. The connections they help you create, it is truly magical sometimes. Thank you so much for commenting.


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