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– This is a beautiful / inspirational story of triumph based on a moment in time lived by one of my older cousins who created success after finding herself between a rock and a hard place.

In her podcast, Becoming the Lender, Fran (@fransmoore on instagram) tells the story of her beginnings as a young college graduate with a pretty good job, a strong sense of individuality, and more money than she’d ever had before. She explains how moving away from home and “ballin’ out in buckhead”, as she explains it,  pushed her into a beautiful rush of life that many long to experience so soon after graduation. There were nights filled with fun, closets stacked with the latest fits, and an apartment in one of the hottest locations in town. Little did she know that all of the seemingly small decisions that she would make during those times would add up – and not positively. All at once she watched helplessly as everything she had once enjoyed snowballed into a force of consequences that lead her unexpectedly on a path of self-growth and discovery.

Many say that hitting rock bottom can lead a person to purpose and clarity faster than anything else they’ve experienced and this couldn’t have been more true for Fran. Many of us have been there – I know I have and i’m not afraid to admit it. Crying so hard that it feels as though you’re suffocating, praying and pleading for help when you feel as though you have no where else to go, allowing negative thoughts to completely drown you and falling into despair and confusion? Yea, it happens. What’s important is that you take that hurt and that frustration, accept responsibility for what has occurred in your life and vow to make a change in order to become better. This is exactly what the focus of this blog post, Fran Moore, did and she brings us along for the ride in her podcast.

In episode two of the podcast: From Frivolous to Frugal, Fran gets candid about her life after college and her relationship with money. She opens up about how many of us tend to unconsciously carry the bad money habits of our parents into adulthood and she focuses on the importance of understanding that our parents did the best that they could with what they had in the moment. She takes a little time to show gratitude for her parent’s sacrifices. Then, she smoothly turns the conversation towards the present – letting her listeners know that it’s time for them to take control of their own financial literacy and their futures.

It’s time to stop labeling money as a bad thing (we’ve all heard the quote “money is the root of all evil”) and thinking of budgeting as something that’ll keep you from living life in the now. So, in reality, no more money does not lead to more problems – not understanding how to handle your money does. You’ll definitely have different challenges with more money, but that is to be expected. Financial literacy is a form of self-love that’ll allow you to better yourself in the long-run. The principles she mentioned in the podcast, amongst others, rerouted Fran in the right direction and led her towards creating the podcast, Becoming the Lender and also creating a successful business for herself.

In later episodes such as episode five: Budgeting 101, she takes us through an extensive budgeting plan that’s perfect for beginners who are looking for a simple way to get started. Fran encourages us all to do as she did by taking note of our mistakes and accepting that it’s no one else’s fault but ours and then encourages us to follow-up by taking extensive action on getting our sh*t together. She’s done this and is currently living a beautiful life  – doing better than she’s ever done before. I am very proud of her and have learned a lot by following the progress that she’s made. It takes a lot to be open and honest, but Fran has done it beautifully and is continuing to produce fire, life-changing content that’s easy to follow and extremely engaging. I can’t wait until the next episode and I hope everyone who reads this take the time to tune in as well!

Update: November 11, 2020 – my cousin and her podcast made it to FORBES ya’ll!

Follow Fran Moore on instagram: @fransmoore

Check out her podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/becoming-the-lender/id1450763945?mt=2

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